War Cries & Blood Ties

Off the Record

Returning to the ICS Excalibur, the party gives their criminals and their Lechan along with their remaining specimen from the heart of the mountain to Imperium officials, and then are called to an official meeting with the General of Aslan Affairs, where they are told they are on-leave in essentially a suspension from Imperium duties due to continued aggression in their work. Off the record, General Harris advises them to look into Aslan affairs for him, because his hands are currently tied so that he cannot look into them himself. Petra chimes in with the location of an Aslan base that the Heart of the Mountain gave her hundreds of years prior, and they leave her with Harris for evidence.

Then, they leave for Luak to gain assistance in infiltrating this Grov base, and Shea gives them the idea to travel in with new soldiers. Along with A’lahk and his lackies (Rei and Tommy) they impersonate Jackal gang members with striped vacc suits and live on the base for two weeks planning their next move. They eventually decide to break into the offices and steal the information, and are successful, but Tommy is captured and all of them are held accountable. Thankfully, the IAC there are called on by their leaders to go and help matters in the Akkum system, and the party (excluding Rei who hid) are brought as war captives to an asteroid on Akkum which is being held by Droyne soldiers. On the way there, they notice that the entire system of planets seems to have begun orbiting around Akkum, which has also become oddly red! They escape their binds while the Aslan are fighting, and use their own ship to kill the ground troops the Aslan are sending to fight the Droyne. Then they go into the Droyne’s scout cave, and discover they have similar intentions, and that this asteroid had been used as a Droyne scout base for some time. Then, sacrificing the Droyne soldiers left on the planet, they evacuate on the Droyne escape shuttle to Akkum, and detonate the asteroid killing all the Aslan forces on it.



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