War Cries & Blood Ties

Dimensional Pursuits

After being captured in the docking bay of the Aslan Capitol Ship S’quta, the crew finds the heart of the mountain and a Lechan named Ubuwo escapes from within it, telling the party that it was sent from 200 years ago and that the Heart of the Mountain has 5th dimensional abilities which allow for this sort of limited time travel. With his company they venture across the dislodged mountain back to their scouting ship, and using the HotM as fuel they travel across the fifth dimension and through the wall of the capitol ship!

Having escaped, they find that they are low on hydrogen and land on a small lawless planet named Otrieva for fuel. There, they encounter some bandits who attempt to hold them hostage for a huge bounty Yggdril has placed on their heads. A’lahk comes to their aid, however, and they end up taking their fuel and lugging them back to the ICS Excalibur for incarceration.



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