War Cries & Blood Ties

To Move Mountains

Arriving back to the Excalibur, they find out that a large heat signature has broken out on Akkum, and apparently a huge capitol ship
from the Aslan has begun moving towards it. Desperate to find out what’s behind this, General Harris commands V.C. Clane S. York to
stick with him for diplomacy purposes, and sends the crew, along with a freelancer known as Castiel, to investigate Akkum. Afterwards,
on the way to the planet, their A.I. Petra informs them that a creature known as “The Heart of The Mountain” has been awakened on Akkum,
and that it is some large source of energy. After much exploration, an odd nautical battle, and the reunion of a long lost cousin of
Castiel, they finally fight through the abandoned corridors of Caelondia to attempt to revive the extinct species with the help of the
mountain and Petra’s DNA sample. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by the Aslan capitol ship, which uses its gargantuan jump drive to
gravitationally manipulate them and the entire mountain into its hangar.



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