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Voya is a rich, lush, Terra-like world near the edge of IAC controlled space. Voya is notable for Aslan agression towards the world, as they see it as their territory. For the past thirty to forty years the Aslan have sent various raids and attacks to harrass the mostly Human and Vargr populance, leading to some military insecurity and boosting
of air defense of major settlements and bases.

Voya has two major government powers, and one notable minor power.

Republic of Voya
The main ruling ideology is a Republic in which a president is elected by the people. The Republic of Voya has stood as the central planetary power for centuries. This government is mostly dominant over the eastern hemisphere of Voya. The current president is Nathan T. Goros, and he is well into his third term.

Second Great Ciben Empire
The second goverment body on Voya is Junta, a large military faction from Cib that upsurted the previous Western Voyan Empire and seized control in a flash of lightning around ten years ago. At the time, the Republic of Voya could not supply the military strength to repel the invaders, so the former Western Kingdoms fell. The current head of this Dictatorship is Jarrod Daniel Jackson. It is commonly believed the Cibens conquored this part of Voya to bait the Intergalactic Aslan Confederacy into a war against the Imperium.

Western Empire Remnants
Within the west, there is a small remanant faction of the former Western Voyan Empire who are still alive and kicking. Xara Septim, son of the late Richard Septim, is the current emperor of this small faction. It is believed the Cibens haven’t exterminated them out of a combination of respect and historical preservation. Xara has ambitious goals mainly revolving around gathering sympathisers from the Republic of Voya and reclaiming what was stolen from his father.


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