War Cries & Blood Ties

Off the Record

Returning to the ICS Excalibur, the party gives their criminals and their Lechan along with their remaining specimen from the heart of the mountain to Imperium officials, and then are called to an official meeting with the General of Aslan Affairs, where they are told they are on-leave in essentially a suspension from Imperium duties due to continued aggression in their work. Off the record, General Harris advises them to look into Aslan affairs for him, because his hands are currently tied so that he cannot look into them himself. Petra chimes in with the location of an Aslan base that the Heart of the Mountain gave her hundreds of years prior, and they leave her with Harris for evidence.

Then, they leave for Luak to gain assistance in infiltrating this Grov base, and Shea gives them the idea to travel in with new soldiers. Along with A’lahk and his lackies (Rei and Tommy) they impersonate Jackal gang members with striped vacc suits and live on the base for two weeks planning their next move. They eventually decide to break into the offices and steal the information, and are successful, but Tommy is captured and all of them are held accountable. Thankfully, the IAC there are called on by their leaders to go and help matters in the Akkum system, and the party (excluding Rei who hid) are brought as war captives to an asteroid on Akkum which is being held by Droyne soldiers. On the way there, they notice that the entire system of planets seems to have begun orbiting around Akkum, which has also become oddly red! They escape their binds while the Aslan are fighting, and use their own ship to kill the ground troops the Aslan are sending to fight the Droyne. Then they go into the Droyne’s scout cave, and discover they have similar intentions, and that this asteroid had been used as a Droyne scout base for some time. Then, sacrificing the Droyne soldiers left on the planet, they evacuate on the Droyne escape shuttle to Akkum, and detonate the asteroid killing all the Aslan forces on it.

Dimensional Pursuits

After being captured in the docking bay of the Aslan Capitol Ship S’quta, the crew finds the heart of the mountain and a Lechan named Ubuwo escapes from within it, telling the party that it was sent from 200 years ago and that the Heart of the Mountain has 5th dimensional abilities which allow for this sort of limited time travel. With his company they venture across the dislodged mountain back to their scouting ship, and using the HotM as fuel they travel across the fifth dimension and through the wall of the capitol ship!

Having escaped, they find that they are low on hydrogen and land on a small lawless planet named Otrieva for fuel. There, they encounter some bandits who attempt to hold them hostage for a huge bounty Yggdril has placed on their heads. A’lahk comes to their aid, however, and they end up taking their fuel and lugging them back to the ICS Excalibur for incarceration.

To Move Mountains

Arriving back to the Excalibur, they find out that a large heat signature has broken out on Akkum, and apparently a huge capitol ship
from the Aslan has begun moving towards it. Desperate to find out what’s behind this, General Harris commands V.C. Clane S. York to
stick with him for diplomacy purposes, and sends the crew, along with a freelancer known as Castiel, to investigate Akkum. Afterwards,
on the way to the planet, their A.I. Petra informs them that a creature known as “The Heart of The Mountain” has been awakened on Akkum,
and that it is some large source of energy. After much exploration, an odd nautical battle, and the reunion of a long lost cousin of
Castiel, they finally fight through the abandoned corridors of Caelondia to attempt to revive the extinct species with the help of the
mountain and Petra’s DNA sample. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by the Aslan capitol ship, which uses its gargantuan jump drive to
gravitationally manipulate them and the entire mountain into its hangar.

Communism and Lechan Pride

Desperate to get them out of trouble, Grissom sends the crew to explore a small uninhabited planet known as Kresnik. While there
they find a space ship, later recognized as an envoy from the Lechan, filled with Aslan corpses. After fighting through its still active
defenses from two hundred years prior, and accidentally awakening a great force some lightyears away, they discover an A.I. who claims to
have information on the Aslan, so long as they take it to see its home planet of Akkum. They name it Petra, and agree to take it to where
its come from for the information, and fly it back to the Excalibur.

Bloody Justice

With one surviving captive from the depot battle, they board their ship and aim to return their capitol ship, the Excalibur.
Unbenownst to them, the Aslan captive signals for a fleet of backup, soon their will be many ships to claim Voya. Meanwhile,
Commander Grissom refuses to annex Voya due to the Aslan fleet heading its way. With a little political persuasion, the group
manages to convince him to turn a blind eye to the annexation, though he gives the stipulation that if the invasion does happen,
he will put the blame for the impending conflict on them, claiming himself unaware of the annexing. Now in a tense run for their careers,
reputations, and the lives of an entire planet; or maybe a potential galaxy of war; they return to their friend Shea and recieve a ship
that can move through an Aslan fleet unnoticed. using this, they get Clane to the leading ship of the fleet opposing Voya just
before they invade, and he insists to go it alone. By challenging the leader of the fleet, Tak, to a duel, and winning it (as well
as brutally chopping his hand in two pieces), Clane wins the liberty of Voya with the help of his crew, and perhaps stops a
potential civil war in one sword swipe.

Voya, Liberty, and the American Way

After a short rest, our party is sent by Commander Grissom to a small planet, coincidentally Alex’s birthplanet, Voya to
annex it into the Imperium as a fringe planet. There they discover they have a big problem: Aslan forces are coming to
invade it again, and this time they plan to colonize there permanently. Without support from the Imperium, they are doomed to
be conquered; but, the Imperium does not want to enter a war with the Aslan, and does not want to claim and support a planet
they know will soon be attacked by them. Leaning towards planetary loyalty over loyalty to the Imperium, Alex attempts to hide
this information from his leading officer, Clane, until their experimental A.I. Ruxby replays the audio transmission to reveal
his secret. Sympathizing with Alex’s plight, Clane agrees to attempt to annex this planet into the Imperium anyway-
unfortunately, they are then made aware that the main weapons depot of this planet has been held hostage by a small scout of
invading Aslanians! They travel there, and after a risky rescue battle, they manage to claim the depot for the planet of Voya.

Dinner Party

Finally with some ability to put a stop to what’s happening on Luak, and with the knowledge that they were sent to
Shea to be put down by their own government, they learn that they have been marked as terrorists by the Imperium and
the Aslan as part of a conspiracy to protect Ra’Lek. Meanwhile, Ra’Lek has been released completely. Confident that
this is their only hope of survival, they head to Luak to try to make things right. Upon arrival, they hide themselves
with disguises and pose as Shea’s lackeys to get through the starport. Then, they have him lead them to a new station,
where they prepare a video of the horrors that have happened on Aegis and to the slaves to play in coordination with
a statement from Shea confirming Ra’Leks crimes at exactly 6:00; which just happens to be the starting time of a dinner
party Ra’Lek is hosting to celebrate the death of a few terrorists killed by his apprentice Shea- our heroes, to be exact.
In a fit of bravery, they all attend this dinner party (with our party still disguised as lackeys). At exactly six, when
the newscast starts, Ra’Lek realizes he’s been played and runs outside to a factory with a crudely built ship on top,
toppling angry civilians who knew what he’d done all the while. Our party, meanwhile, boards their own glass cannon on
another roof. Shea, filled with rage, follows his past master (Ra’Lek) all the way to his ship, where he holds onto it
only by his cybernetic arms and sheer willpower. Eventually meeting Ra’Lek on Luak’s moon, they find him and Shea sparring
in a small base, and the moon appears to have opened into some sort of huge cannon! Shea, desperate to kill his planet before
anyone leaves with evidence of his war crimes, desperately pounds at the controls and just barely manages to trigger and dislodge
a large planet breaking nuke from the moon! However, he does not have the time to properly power the cannon itself, and it drifts,
slowly orbiting the planet in space. Then, Clane shoots out the window to the base, and Ra’Lek, being the only one not in a Vacc suit,
drifts out and explodes! Shea hurries to the bomb, attempting to detonate it before it reaches his planet, when Ace pilot
Alexander instead uses the gravitational pull of his ship to bring the nuke out of Luak’s orbit! The adventure seemingly
concluded, the party gasps when they see the ominous Excalibur flying towards them, having not noticed it in the tense battle.
However, it comes in peace, realizing what had happened on Luak. They are from then on war heroes; and promoted, and paid well.
Having freed the slaves and put Luak under its rightful leader, they rest for a few months.


Having returned, they proceed with their regular duties, and follow a lead from Capitol Commander
Daniel J. Grissom. Meanwhile, Kerz, as a medic, is required to stay on brig, and is not present for the duration
of the mission. On his orders, they follow an emergency signal from a castaway space ship orbiting
Cib, and discover an ambush from Ra’Leks apprentice, Shea! After defeating him and two of his lackies
in an intense zero gravity shoot-out-gone-swordfight, he gives a cryptic message before falling unconscious.
Finally convinced their battle is won for the day and relieved to see the capitol ship heading in their
direction, they are shocked to get a warning signal from an anonymous broadcaster. Fleeing back to their
functioning ship from the wreckage of the castaway, they test the capitol ship’s hostility and find that it is
indeed willing to kill them. Horrified and lugging an unconscious Shea, they jump to the anonymous broadcaster’s
location and discover the planet Aegis. There, Autumn Vandusky explains to them what happened to his planet and a
few others on the fringe sector. Our heroes learn that many of them had been driven from their planets to hide here,
and that they are regularly attacked as the Aslan attempt to force their last planet into slavery. Aegis being
something of a last resort for these poor souls, they plead to our party for help, and provide evidence of what
has happened to their people. Meanwhile, Shea awakes, and the party manages to persuade him away from his master,
and convinces them to help their cause! With Autumn’s footage and Shea’s voice to back it up, they come up with a
plan they are content will put a stop to the cruelty and inform the people of Luak, and the people of the galaxy, of
the awful crimes of Ra’Lek.


Our group of Kerz (Kyler), Parker Ashton (Jakob), Alex “Ace” Williams (Aaron), and
(not yet V.C.) Clane S. York (Jaden) found itself ambushed during what was meant
to be a safe planetary scouting of Kresnik, and brutally enslaved by a group of Aslan.
They were held captive in a weapon production facility on Luak for 7 months before they risked
a daring escape, and meanwhile kidnapped the leader of the slave ring and dictator of
the planet Luak, Ra’Lek! Leaving him captive on a small imperial fringe planet known as Kali,
they returned triumphantly to the Excalibur, a large capitol ship they use as a base of operations.


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