Yggdril E. Baxig

Ruthless Exotic Aslan Dictator


NAME: Baxig Exedi, Yggdril
RACE: Aslan
HEIGHT: 7’2”
WEIGHT: 158.8 Kg
AGE: 27
CAREER: Dictator, Aslan Champion
BRANCH: Aslan Operative
TITLE: Aslan Federation Despot
DATE OF BIRTH: March 4, 2418

Born on a small planet on the outskirts of Aslan territory, Ra, Yggdril has been subject to many atrocities and endured many hardships. Documents found by scouts in the area place him in a local to the death tournament at a young age, and he testifies along with the evidence that he was indeed an enslaved gladiator for the majority of his life (The slave presence has been deemed halted by Imperium officials as of April 20th 2440). At the age of 22, enhanced by black market cybernetics he had been purchasing with his winnings, he challenged the then-champion of the Aslan ( T’ul Zhra) to a fight in the arena, and publicly defeated and executed him on his home planet. As dictator, his first action was unofficially challenging the man who runs the arena and then executing him before freeing the enslaved gladiators. The tournament and arena continue to run on Ra, no longer employing unwilling gladiators, and instead basing their employment on voluntary champions.

Yggdril has been known to be somewhat harsh with Imperium officials and perhaps demanding, but he has yet to break conduct to the extent of arrest. Moreso even than his predecessors, Yggdril seems intent on planetary conquering and has taken several since his inauguration. Caution is recommended in diplomatic pursuit.

Yggdril E. Baxig

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