War Cries & Blood Ties

Voya, Liberty, and the American Way

After a short rest, our party is sent by Commander Grissom to a small planet, coincidentally Alex’s birthplanet, Voya to
annex it into the Imperium as a fringe planet. There they discover they have a big problem: Aslan forces are coming to
invade it again, and this time they plan to colonize there permanently. Without support from the Imperium, they are doomed to
be conquered; but, the Imperium does not want to enter a war with the Aslan, and does not want to claim and support a planet
they know will soon be attacked by them. Leaning towards planetary loyalty over loyalty to the Imperium, Alex attempts to hide
this information from his leading officer, Clane, until their experimental A.I. Ruxby replays the audio transmission to reveal
his secret. Sympathizing with Alex’s plight, Clane agrees to attempt to annex this planet into the Imperium anyway-
unfortunately, they are then made aware that the main weapons depot of this planet has been held hostage by a small scout of
invading Aslanians! They travel there, and after a risky rescue battle, they manage to claim the depot for the planet of Voya.



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