War Cries & Blood Ties

Dinner Party

Finally with some ability to put a stop to what’s happening on Luak, and with the knowledge that they were sent to
Shea to be put down by their own government, they learn that they have been marked as terrorists by the Imperium and
the Aslan as part of a conspiracy to protect Ra’Lek. Meanwhile, Ra’Lek has been released completely. Confident that
this is their only hope of survival, they head to Luak to try to make things right. Upon arrival, they hide themselves
with disguises and pose as Shea’s lackeys to get through the starport. Then, they have him lead them to a new station,
where they prepare a video of the horrors that have happened on Aegis and to the slaves to play in coordination with
a statement from Shea confirming Ra’Leks crimes at exactly 6:00; which just happens to be the starting time of a dinner
party Ra’Lek is hosting to celebrate the death of a few terrorists killed by his apprentice Shea- our heroes, to be exact.
In a fit of bravery, they all attend this dinner party (with our party still disguised as lackeys). At exactly six, when
the newscast starts, Ra’Lek realizes he’s been played and runs outside to a factory with a crudely built ship on top,
toppling angry civilians who knew what he’d done all the while. Our party, meanwhile, boards their own glass cannon on
another roof. Shea, filled with rage, follows his past master (Ra’Lek) all the way to his ship, where he holds onto it
only by his cybernetic arms and sheer willpower. Eventually meeting Ra’Lek on Luak’s moon, they find him and Shea sparring
in a small base, and the moon appears to have opened into some sort of huge cannon! Shea, desperate to kill his planet before
anyone leaves with evidence of his war crimes, desperately pounds at the controls and just barely manages to trigger and dislodge
a large planet breaking nuke from the moon! However, he does not have the time to properly power the cannon itself, and it drifts,
slowly orbiting the planet in space. Then, Clane shoots out the window to the base, and Ra’Lek, being the only one not in a Vacc suit,
drifts out and explodes! Shea hurries to the bomb, attempting to detonate it before it reaches his planet, when Ace pilot
Alexander instead uses the gravitational pull of his ship to bring the nuke out of Luak’s orbit! The adventure seemingly
concluded, the party gasps when they see the ominous Excalibur flying towards them, having not noticed it in the tense battle.
However, it comes in peace, realizing what had happened on Luak. They are from then on war heroes; and promoted, and paid well.
Having freed the slaves and put Luak under its rightful leader, they rest for a few months.



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