War Cries & Blood Ties


Having returned, they proceed with their regular duties, and follow a lead from Capitol Commander
Daniel J. Grissom. Meanwhile, Kerz, as a medic, is required to stay on brig, and is not present for the duration
of the mission. On his orders, they follow an emergency signal from a castaway space ship orbiting
Cib, and discover an ambush from Ra’Leks apprentice, Shea! After defeating him and two of his lackies
in an intense zero gravity shoot-out-gone-swordfight, he gives a cryptic message before falling unconscious.
Finally convinced their battle is won for the day and relieved to see the capitol ship heading in their
direction, they are shocked to get a warning signal from an anonymous broadcaster. Fleeing back to their
functioning ship from the wreckage of the castaway, they test the capitol ship’s hostility and find that it is
indeed willing to kill them. Horrified and lugging an unconscious Shea, they jump to the anonymous broadcaster’s
location and discover the planet Aegis. There, Autumn Vandusky explains to them what happened to his planet and a
few others on the fringe sector. Our heroes learn that many of them had been driven from their planets to hide here,
and that they are regularly attacked as the Aslan attempt to force their last planet into slavery. Aegis being
something of a last resort for these poor souls, they plead to our party for help, and provide evidence of what
has happened to their people. Meanwhile, Shea awakes, and the party manages to persuade him away from his master,
and convinces them to help their cause! With Autumn’s footage and Shea’s voice to back it up, they come up with a
plan they are content will put a stop to the cruelty and inform the people of Luak, and the people of the galaxy, of
the awful crimes of Ra’Lek.



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