War Cries & Blood Ties

Bloody Justice

With one surviving captive from the depot battle, they board their ship and aim to return their capitol ship, the Excalibur.
Unbenownst to them, the Aslan captive signals for a fleet of backup, soon their will be many ships to claim Voya. Meanwhile,
Commander Grissom refuses to annex Voya due to the Aslan fleet heading its way. With a little political persuasion, the group
manages to convince him to turn a blind eye to the annexation, though he gives the stipulation that if the invasion does happen,
he will put the blame for the impending conflict on them, claiming himself unaware of the annexing. Now in a tense run for their careers,
reputations, and the lives of an entire planet; or maybe a potential galaxy of war; they return to their friend Shea and recieve a ship
that can move through an Aslan fleet unnoticed. using this, they get Clane to the leading ship of the fleet opposing Voya just
before they invade, and he insists to go it alone. By challenging the leader of the fleet, Tak, to a duel, and winning it (as well
as brutally chopping his hand in two pieces), Clane wins the liberty of Voya with the help of his crew, and perhaps stops a
potential civil war in one sword swipe.



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